Customers wishing to place an order are welcome to visit our show room, alternatively orders can be confirmed in writing or using our order form, by doing so this constitutes entering a contract with M.C. Products Iron Craft and agreeing to their Trading Terms and Conditions of Sale. Made to measure orders are accepted by telephone, customers are advised to double check and submit accurate measurements along with any sketches, photos, or drawing prior to any work being undertaken. We do not accept any liability for inaccurate measurements.


M.C. Products Iron Craft do not operate credit accounts.

Customers are required to pay a deposit for made to measure items.

Goods manufactured and supplied by M.C. Products Iron Craft remain the property of M.C. Products Iron Craft until full payment has been made.

The balance of payment must be settled in full prior to goods being released. Payment can be made in cash, by debit card or cleared cheque. Payment using a credit card will be subject to a service charge of 4% on the amount payable.

VAT No: 422 5654 64
All prices listed including promotions, special offers are subject to the current rate of 20%.

M.C. Products Iron Craft reserve the right to charge a late payment fee of 5% of the total amount payable and reserve the right to suspend all credit facilities on amounts payable that exceed our Terms & Conditions of Sale.

In the event of any payment being overdue in whole or in part or any act of proceeding involving the buyer(s) solvency being taken, the buyer(s) rights to sell the goods shall cease and the manufacturer/seller without predjudice, may by its own servants or agents enter upon the premises of the buyer(s) to recover the goods unpaid or yet unsold by the buyer(s), including fixed items.

All completion and delivery dates are estimated and will vary according to work load, availability of materials, peak times of year and weather conditions and in accordance with health and safety at work. M.C. Products Iron Craft will not be liable for any delays caused.

Signed order form completions and delivery notes constitutes acceptance of the goods ordered as correct.

M.C. Products Iron Craft provides a free estimating service for customers making an insurance claim, all estimates are provided in writing.

Settlement of any insurance claim must be met in full including any vat liability by the claiment(s) or their insurance company.

Customers/Claiments are responsible for settling their own insurance excess directly with their insurance company. M.C. Products Iron Craft reserve the right to remove goods that have not been paid for in accordance with the estimate provided or the arranged agreement reached by the insurance company. False claims, non payment, excess or any other deductions including fraudulent practices will be reported to the insurance company's legal department.

Storage charges would apply for goods that have not been collected within 10 days of notification.

Customers wishing to canel an order must do so in writing. Deposits taken for made to measure goods, part fabricated goods, goods ordered with a hammered edged and textured steel finish, galvanized goods, automatic gate equipment, incorrect measurements, commission work will not be returned.

Wrought iron products are heavy, we would ask customers to make suitable arrangements on delivery day to receive the goods and to assist the driver with off loading. The consignment deliver note must be signed in the presence of the driver. If the driver cannot deliver at the address provided, then the goods will be returned to M.C. Products Iron Craft for re delivery where an additional delivery charge will be incurred.

Customers are responsible for packaging, ensuring goods returned, arrive at our trading premises un damaged and in good clean condition.

All delivery charges are met by the customer any claim for damaged goods must be made with the carriers involved.

Estimates/Quotes are provided free of charge. Illustration studio time would charge £ 50.00 per hour plus vat.

Planning application(s): Customers are responsible for their own planning applications where applicable. Listed buildings: Not all listed buildings or re builds are excempt from vat therefore customers are responsible for seeking written permission from the necessary authorities to include a case number to qualify for vat excemption, without these documents vat is payable.

Not all disabilities are excempt from vat therefore customers are responsible for providing written confirmation along with a case exemption number from the necessary authorities to qualify for vat excemption, without these documents vat is payable. *Hand rails; *Grab handles; *Balustrades; *Automatic Gates do not qualify for vat exemption, if able bodied person(s) are sharing, using or benefiting from the same equipment.

Estimates verbal or written are as specified and not a quote. M.C. Products Iron Craft reserve the right to charge for any additional or unforseen work that arises during a contract of work, cutomers will be advised of any additional cost on request, payable on completion of work.

Product discription and sizes listed are accurate as possible at the time of manufacturing and publishing, however with the nature of the materials used, these are guide lines and may vary in design and size. In the interest of product inprovement and design M.C. Products Iron Craft reserves the right to change product detail and information without prior notice. Customers are responsible in ensuring that the product(s) and materials are suitable for the application intended.

Customers are advised before placing an order to check with our office that the automatic gate euipment required is suitable for the its application and intended cycle use. All automatic gate equipment we supply and install conforms with CE certification and the current machine directives. M.C. Products Iron Craft will advise customers of the safety equipment required for their project. M.C. Products Iron Craft do not accept any responsibilty or liability for the failure of any mechanical part of an automatic gate system or safety and communication equipment fitted to new or existing gates if a customer fails to implement our safety advice and fails to have the automation system serviced and checked yearly or the interval periods recommended in their service proof book. Customers are responible for the every day operational safety proceedures of their automatic gate system and must not allow children under the age of sixteen to operate or play in, on or around the gate system. Should the automatic gate system fail to operate correctly, isolate the power and contact one of our technicians Monday to Friday during office hours. Please be advised we do not attend  to break downs at: Weekends - Bank holidays & Annual holidays.

If the automatic gate system fails to operate correctly or breaks down, isolate the power source and use the release arm key(s) provided with the sytem to open the gates. Seek advise from our technician during offfice hours Monday to Friday. Requesting a call out will impose a charge of £ 50.00 plus vat payable by debit card at the time of booking, any additional labour charges and parts are payable on completion and re commissioning of the system.